A Day in the Life of an Authentic Italian Deli

Alidoro Italian Sandwiches in New York City

This short documentary from the New Yorkers series follows Walter Momentè, owner of Alidoro Italian Sandwiches, through an average day, sourcing authentic ingredients from local businesses, and making stops at two bakeries for various kinds of bread.

These are the distinguishing characteristics of anyone serving authentic Italian food, even when it is located in America.

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iPad App Celebrates Year of Italian Culture

iPad App Celebrates Year of Italian Culture

A significant enhancement has been made to The Italian Way app for iPad.

The app has been expanded to include all key events scheduled by the Italian government as part of the 2013: Year of Italian Culture in the United States program. With the addition of these Italian-cultural locations and events across America, The Italian Way app becomes a comprehensive guide to Italy in America.

More than 180 events in 40 U.S. cities have been organized to celebrate the Year of Italian Culture in the United States, a project of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some 70 museums and cultural institutions throughout the U.S. will display masterpieces on loan from Italy that range from the classical to the contemporary. In addition to a wealth of art, musical, theatrical and cinematic offerings, there will be events focused on literature, science, design, fashion and of course, Italian food.

The Italian Way app guides users to authentic Italian locations in America—espresso bars, cafes, outdoor markets, neighborhood parks and piazzas, Italian restaurants and gelato—where it’s possible to experience the “feeling” of being in Italy while remaining in the United States. With this latest update, The Italian Way app now offers a unique combination of Italian lifestyle experiences, plus current Italian cultural events.

The Italian Way also offers suggested itineraries where multiple authentic Italian locations are within walking distance of one another. New itineraries for all Year-of-Italian-Culture locations have now been added.

Enjoyment of Italian culture and lifestyle in America starts by going to The Italian Way website, www.theitalianwayapp.com.

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2013: A Celebration of Italian Culture and Lifestyle in America

2013: A Celebration of Italian Culture and Lifestyle in America

The Italian government has launched a wide-ranging, yearlong initiative in the United States called “2013: The Year of Italian Culture.” Italy’s year of culture in the U.S. will involve more than 180 events in 40 American cities, with the goal of presenting Italian culture and identity through a series of unique events that will highlight Italy’s contribution to scientific, cultural and technological advancement through the centuries.

Throughout 2013, cultural and promotional events celebrating contributions by Italians to the world’s quality of life will be presented in numerous cities across the United States. The aim is to present the best of Italian talent, culture, technology, lifestyle, and enterprise, and to encourage the American public to engage with all types of Italian society in America.

Exhibitions of renowned masterpieces ranging from classical and the Renaissance to baroque and contemporary are scheduled in more than 70 American museums and cultural institutions. The wide-ranging celebration of Italian music, design, cinema, technology, architecture, fashion and cuisine will also include a series of concerts.

Some of the events have already been scheduled, while others are still being organized. Many of the activities are in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, and Italian Cultural Institutes located in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and Miami.

For more information, visit www.italyinus2013.org

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There’s More to Life in Italy

Life in Italy is more than just about making money. It’s also about enjoying life, food, family, good music, and more.

An Inviting Park Bench

Having travelled to Italy on numerous occasions I believe it is one of the most unique and addicting places in the world for people to visit. Yes, it can take some getting used to, but the rhythms of the country seduce you and make you wonder why the rest of the world isn’t more like Italy.

More than finding the perfect little café or tickets to a soccer match, this means tossing the schedule in favor of present-moment enjoyment. It means accepting an incomplete to-do list and unfinished chores. It means stopping frequently to breathe. A slower pace makes room for the best parts of life to happen — those simple, unplanned activities that surprise and delight us.

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Outdoor, Neighborhood Market

fresh/local produce

neighborhood market

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It All Starts with the Piazza

Many people in America and around the world love Italy because of the Italian lifestyle. And the foundation of the Italian lifestyle is the piazza.

The piazza functions as a powerful catalyst for community life. It has the ability to encourage social interaction, provoke a sense of well-being among its citizens, ensure a strong community, encourage civic engagement and provide a learning environment for young people.

Arriving at the piazza makes you feel like you are at the heart of a community or neighborhood. There is the anticipation of: encountering friends or acquaintances, engaging in festivities, exchanging information (and gossip) and so on. No matter how large or small the piazza, you can be sure there will always be a crowd of people walking, talking and interacting with one another.

Due to this abundance of social interaction, the piazza provides a sense of well-being to its citizens. People find pleasure in simply running into someone they know and having a face-to-face conversation. And it is often in the setting of the piazza that children learn how to interact in a wide range of social situations. The key to the Italian piazza and the community life it engenders is the feeling of inclusion; a feeling of belonging in the community.

Fortunately for those of us who do not live in Italy, there are piazza-like places in most towns and cities where one can go for a walk, meet friends, have a coffee, have lunch, read a newspaper or just watch the passing scene. American piazzas are a little harder to find than their Italian counterparts, but they do exist.

For people of all ages, the piazza reinforces a sense of belonging. And a visit to your local piazza allows you to enjoy the Italian lifestyle anywhere you go.

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Porto Santo Stefano Italy

Porto Santo Stefano (Italy)

A video tour of Porto Santo Stefano, filmed from the back of a Vespa scooter. Porto Santo Stefano is located on the southern coast of Tuscany.

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Italian Passion

Italian Passion

Why does life in Italy look so much more inviting than anywhere else on earth? How do the Italians live so intensely, with such passion? No one has to explain that the Italians are passionate people to start with. But if you want to discover passion in Italy, just visit a small, family-owned winery.

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Italian Walking Tour in the West Village Neighborhood of NYC

Here is a simple, relaxing itinerary for anyone who wants to live the Italian lifestyle in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

  • Savour an espresso – in a ceramic cup –  at Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto. (551 Hudson Street)
  • Walk through the Abingdon Square Greenmarket and select produce from a nearby farm.
  • Spend time with family or friends sitting on a park bench at Abingdon Square Park.
  • Enjoy Italian cuisine made with local and season ingredients at Barbuto. (775 Washington Street)


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Italian Roads

Not everything in Italy is perfect

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