2013: A Celebration of Italian Culture and Lifestyle in America

2013: A Celebration of Italian Culture and Lifestyle in America

The Italian government has launched a wide-ranging, yearlong initiative in the United States called “2013: The Year of Italian Culture.” Italy’s year of culture in the U.S. will involve more than 180 events in 40 American cities, with the goal of presenting Italian culture and identity through a series of unique events that will highlight Italy’s contribution to scientific, cultural and technological advancement through the centuries.

Throughout 2013, cultural and promotional events celebrating contributions by Italians to the world’s quality of life will be presented in numerous cities across the United States. The aim is to present the best of Italian talent, culture, technology, lifestyle, and enterprise, and to encourage the American public to engage with all types of Italian society in America.

Exhibitions of renowned masterpieces ranging from classical and the Renaissance to baroque and contemporary are scheduled in more than 70 American museums and cultural institutions. The wide-ranging celebration of Italian music, design, cinema, technology, architecture, fashion and cuisine will also include a series of concerts.

Some of the events have already been scheduled, while others are still being organized. Many of the activities are in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, and Italian Cultural Institutes located in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and Miami.

For more information, visit www.italyinus2013.org

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