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  1. Joanna M. Leone
    Nov 28, 2012

    I love the sound of the vendors setting up their tables early on a Sunday morning in preparation for the “mercato” or market near the piazza. Every where I look there are pieces of cheese, dry sausage, green and black olives, candies, and those juicy, red oranges when they are in season. Sometimes I see a great pair of platform sandals or purse, but then I think , “If I buy too many shoes or purses, I won’t be able to buy food for the rest of the trip.” There are great bargains on fruits, vegetables, linens and tablecloths. The best part of the market is listening to the locals bargain with the vendors. The vendors are always willing to lower their price a little for people. I always love the tables of toys in the market on Sundays. It is a great place to stop before visiting relatives because I can buy something for myself and of course for my relatives or for their children. Those lupini beans always stare at me while I walk through the market so I have to buy some! Around 1pm, it is time for the vendors to pack up. The market closes at 1pm and everyone heads home to have their Sunday meal around 1pm or 1:30pm.
    I love the markets in Italy. It is great to see so many things that my grandparents bought when I was a child during my vacations there. Some of the foods from the market that I did not like as a child are priceless to me now as an adult and I love the foods there!

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